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Tech Tips from Woods Equipment

Nov 12
How to Clean Your Rotary Slasher

Cleaning Rotary Cutter After Each Use and for Storage To properly clean and maintain…

Oct 15
Tips to Prevent Streaking or Ragged Cut

Always mow when the grass is dry with sharp blades. Check belt drive to insure there…

Sep 26
The Dos and Don’ts of V-Belt Drives

Most of today’s tractor mounted rotary lawn mowers are driven by a common V-Belt…

Sep 05
Mowing Tips

Extremely tall grass should be mowed twice. Raise the mower and cut half the desired…

Aug 20
Gearbox Service and Maintenance

Most of the problems that occur on gearbox drive equipment are due to lack of service…

Jul 31
Blade Sharpening

Remove blades and inspect the condition of the attaching hardware. It is a good idea…

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