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Historic Batwing - Woods Equipment Australia

A leader in the field since 1946


For over 75 years, Woods have been hard at work designing, building, testing and improving the most rugged, safest and reliable slashing, mowing, mulching and landscaping equipment on the Australian market.

Woods Equipment Australia are trusted to supply and manufacture premium robust slashers of superior quality with exclusive features that are optimised to improve efficiencies in Australian agriculture while reducing operational costs.

You can trust Woods attachments are premium quality and:

  • Rigorously tested
  • Engineered for performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Designed to last
Woods Finishing Mowers - Woods Equipment Australia

We understand Australian agriculture and what Australian farmers need from their machinery. We understand that Australian farmers expect superior standards, innovative solutions and efficient results for the unique challenges faced in Australia.

Superior Standards

No Woods slasher will leave a windrow

No windrow ensures efficient pasture management for sustainable production. You can count on Woods to consistently deliver a superior cut quality. Woods consistently outperform competitors in key cut quality category of evenness of cut, material distribution and cutting capacity.

The Industry’s most comprehensive warranty

Woods are proud to stand behind and reinforce their commitment to quality by offering the Woods Cut Above™ Warranty Program – the most comprehensive warranty plan in the industry.

American and Australian made with global materials

Woods slashers are proudly manufactured in both the United States of America and in Australia. The Woods engineering and product team rigorously test every sourced component to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and quality.

Exclusive Features

EZ-Change™ Blade System

There is no comparison to the EX-Change™ Blade System. Change blades in five “EZ” steps with only a ¾” wrench. Competitors require an impact gun or potentially an oxy to replace blades.

Change blades from above the slasher

Reach the blades and pins easily through a convenient large access window on the deck. This prevents the need to go under the unit for simple blade maintenance. Reduce OH&S risk and change blades within minutes.

Complete Subframe

Woods slashers are built on a complete subframe, meaning the frame is built and then the skin is welded in This ensures that the strength is where it matters and there is no excess steel or heavy metal adding to the weight of the machine.

For more on Woods Exclusive Features:

Longevity of Investment

We are invested in strengthening sustainable agriculture in Australia. We want your investment in a Woods slasher to be one that is working for generations to come. By investing in a Woods slasher you:

  • Receive industry leading warranty
  • Local after sales service
  • Backing Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs

Check out the range

Batwing Series

Woods Batwing Flex Wing Slashers are the only true Batwing in the Australian market.

Available in 12ft, 15ft or 20ft models in standard duty and heavy, extra heavy and extreme heavy-duty options.

The Woods Batwing is the heaviest built flex wing slasher in the Australian market and will cut material up to 115mm in diameter.

Batwing™ Series

Woods Batwing™ Flex Wing Slashers are the only true Batwing™ in the Australian market.

Available in 12ft, 15ft or 20ft models in standard duty and heavy, extra heavy and extreme heavy-duty options.

The Woods Batwing™ is the heaviest built flex wing slasher in the Australian market and will cut material up to 115mm in diameter.

Brushbull Series

Woods Single Spindle Slashers range from 5ft to 7ft cut in various series ranging from standard duty with a cutting capacity of material with a 50mm diameter to extra heavy duty with a cutting capacity of material with a 100mm diameter.

Dual Spingle Series

The Dual-Spindle series of Woods slashers come in various options including normal or offset trailing capacities.

There are also drawbar or linkage options on all models.

RC Series

The RC series is the lightest duty slasher series produced by Woods.

This series is designed for compact and sub-compact tractors with a tractor horsepower ranging between 15hp and 60hp.

This series will cut up to 25mm thick material and has a 60hp gearbox.

See our Exclusive Features & Benefits in action


Our top six exclusive features on a Woods slasher that differentiates itself from other slashers in the market:

  1. Exclusive ‘Quick Change’ blade pin system–change blades within minutes with light hand tools with no need to use an oxy! The Woods Equipment slasher blade pin is 38mm (1.5”)rather than the standard 19mm on other slashers.
  2. Woods are the only slashers with a greaseable blade pin–increases longevity of your blade and reduces repairs and maintenance costs of your machine.
  3. A hatch in the slasher deck allows the operator to change blades from above the machine–no need to increase OH & S risks and downtime by having to get under the slasher to change the blades. Blades can be changed in the paddock within a couple of minutes thanks to the ‘Quick Change’ blade pin system.
  4. They do not leave a windrow, distributing the product similar to the way a mulcher does thanks to the unique rounded back allowing your paddocks to mulch evenly for increased productivity and improved pasture management.
  5. The stump jumper disk protects the carrier unlike beams on other brands of slashers. This allows the operator to glide over objects in the paddock when slashing with ease with reduced risk of damage to slasher, and more importantly, to the tractor reducing the repair and maintenance cost of your machinery.
  6. Woods Equipment slashers and implements are manufactured in the USA from American steel–these are robust products that are built to last. The gearbox has a six-year warranty in Australia.

Safety First

The safest slashers on the market!

Woods Slashers are the safest slashers on the Australian market. A unique design, exclusive to the Woods slashers, of a large access window on top of the slasher deck allows the operator to change the blades from above the slasher without the need of having to get under the slasher to access the blades.

The Quick-Change Blade System, exclusive to Woods Slashers, allows for easy changing of blades from the top of the deck within a couple of minutes. The operator can efficiently change blades from on top of the slasher with light hand spanners. No risk involved.

I’ve reduced my slashing time in half, from 30 hours to 15 hours a week. Even when slashing in heavy material nothing is left behind, giving my orchard a mower finish and nicely discharging material under my trees. Woods are well built machines.

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