No Windrow

Can a slasher really not leave a windrow?

I need to see it to believe it

No Woods slasher will leave a windrow. It’s hard to believe isn’t it.


Traditionally, slashers leave windrows to the left or the right of the slasher, where the cut material us discharged to one side of the slasher. This is true for all your traditional brands. A windrow can create challenges for your production and pasture management if you are slashing without a Woods slasher.

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Woods BB72.50 Single Spindle Heavy Duty Slasher clearing high volume grass and weeds and not leaving a windrow

Some of the challenges associated with using a slasher that creates a windrow include:

  • A windrow will not allow for pasture regeneration under the clumped cut material, causing the grass to die under the windrow, effectively losing productive capacity from your paddock
  • A windrow can create a fire hazard as the windrow dries out
  • A windrow can be difficult to remove and cause issues for planting or landscaping the paddock after slashing
  • A windrow can be harmful to livestock as it can develop mould which makes animals like horses unwell
  • A windrow is plain ugly!
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Woods Batwing 15ft flexwing slasher clearing high volume dry grass and not leaving a windrow

Traditionally, to avoid a windrow, land managers have turned to mulchers which are expensive to run, expensive to maintain, slow to operate and need the conditions to be optimum with not too much wet grass in order to get a good cut quality.

When slashing with a Woods slasher, it will not leave a windrow and you can operate at a must faster speed than you can a mulcher. Additionally, a Woods slasher will cut material up to 115mm diameter material so you can handle more rugged country and effectively manage regrowth to get the most productivity out of your land. This is particularly important given the increasing land price, we need to ensure that producers are able to maximise the productive land on their property.

A Slasher is not just a Slasher

But, how do they do it?

Years of engineering and testing ensures that Woods have remained the leader for cut quality in the slasher market. Woods legendary cut quality is enabled by deep cutting decks, high-lift blades and a unique undermount baffling design to better spread cut material and ensure that no Woods slasher will leave a windrow.

Here are some different applications of Woods slashers in varying terrain across Australia:

Woods Heavy Duty Dual Spindle slashing ratstail and not leaving a windrow

Woods Batwing™ 20ft flex-wing slashing in wet grass

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