Built on a Complete Subframe

Woods slashers are built on a complete subframe, meaning the frame is built and then the skin is welded in This ensures that the strength is where it matters and there is no excess steel or heavy metal adding to the weight of the machine just to try and strengthen it.

New BB Series deck - Woods Equipment Australia
  • Woods Exclusive Z-shaped, high strength steel bumper is twice as thick as competitive models
  • Rear baffle concentrated the airflow and ensures cut material is distributed evenly
  • Large ½” x 4″ blades and extra deep deck precisely cut large amounts of material
  • A heavy-duty crossbar and ¼” steel stump jumper to protect the undercarriage in extreme conditions
  • Stress points tied to the 3″ x 3” tubes (not the deck plate) for added stability
  • A full frame design with full length 3″ x 3” tubes and channels for greater strength and durability
Under deck - Woods Equipment Australia

But other slashers have really thick steel plate…


Other slashers need really heavy thick steel to try to create the strength they need for their slasher. They are not built on a complete subframe so the skin forms the integrity of the slasher. What this results in is an inefficient slasher that uses more fuel and requires more tractor PTO hp to drive.

Ensure that you are picking a slasher that is built to handle the rugged variety of our Australian paddocks, that you look for a machine that has strength where it matters.

Depend on a Woods slasher, an investment in a slasher that is designed for greater durability to handle all that Australian agriculture can throw at it.

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