Blade System

Woods EZ-Change™
Blade System

Easily replace blades in the field

Woods slashers feature the EZ-Change™ Blade System. This feature is exclusive to Woods and just one of the many factors that make the Woods slasher a premium product in the Australian marketplace for slashers.

Branded image “There’s no comparison to the Woods EZ-Change™ blade system”

There is no comparison to the EX-Change™ Blade System. Change blades in five “EZ” steps with only a ¾” wrench. Competitors require an impact gun or potentially an oxy to replace blades.

Large Access Window

Reach the blades and pins easily through a convenient large access window on the deck. This prevents the need to go under the unit for simple blade maintenance. Reduce OH & S risk and change blades within minutes.

access 01 - Woods Equipment Australia

One Tool            

Change cutter and mower blades using only a ¾” spanner/socket

Spanner 01 - Woods Equipment Australia

Reduce Downtime and Cost

Change blades within a couple of minutes with light hand tools. Greaseable blade pins allow the blade pin to be greased to get greater longevity out of the blade carrier.

blades 01 - Woods Equipment Australia

How it works

  • Insert blade pin through blade. Push blade pin into crossbar on stump jumping disc
  • Install shims and spacer over blade pin
  • Install blade clip over keyhole plate and into the blade pin groove
  • Secure into position with a cap screw. Torque cap screw to 85lbs-ft
  • Grease pin via grease nipple at end of pin
diagram - Woods Equipment Australia

There’s no comparison to the Woods EZ-Change™ blade system.

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