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Help! I need a flex-wing slasher but I don’t know how to differentiate between the options!

So you want a flex-wing slasher, but there are too many options on the market to choose from? You are trying to work out why some are really cheap and some are more expensive? You are considering whether it would really make that much of difference to purchase a cheap one?

The flex-wing market in Australia is considerable. There is a large range with varying factors from place of manufacturing, quality of materials, warranty, after sale service, gearbox capacity, cutting capacity, cut quality and strength of machine to name a few.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. If you have found a cheap slasher it is usually an imitation of a premium product that is produced with lesser quality components and will not offer the same cut quality and longevity of a more expensive unit.

Some key things to consider when you are narrowing down your slasher options:

  • Where do I want my slasher to be made?
  • Do I value high quality components backed by a comprehensive warranty?
  • Do I value longevity in the market? Does the time the manufacturer has been making and supplying flex-wing slashers in the Australian market matter to me?
  • Does cut quality matter? Do I want the slasher to do a superior job or just an average job?
  • Do I want to be able to talk to experts in the field to ensure I get the most out of my investment? Does after sales support matter?
  • Can I only see the slasher brand on a trader market place or do they have an actual shop/website or dealers where I can see the product or find out more information?

A slasher is not just a slasher

Woods Equipment in the USA has been manufacturing flex-wing slashers for over 70 years. In fact, they manufactured the first slasher for Henry Ford. Since this time, Woods have been developing and refining our flex-wing, known as a Batwing™ slasher to improve cut quality, longevity and performance.

Woods Batwing™ slashers are the only true Batwing™ shaped folding slasher in the Australian market. Available in 12ft (3.65m), 15ft (4.57m) and 20’ (6.3m) models in standard duty, heavy duty and extreme-heavy duty options. We have worked exclusively with our engineers at Woods in America to design and produce a slasher that is supremely suited to all Australian slashing conditions. Woods Batwing™ are manufactured in the United States of America with American steel and boast an industry leading 10 year gearbox warranty.

No Woods Batwing™, or any slasher in the Woods range, will leave a windrow. All Woods slashers will distribute the cut material out evenly behind the slasher ensuring the best cut quality and benefits from slashing as it allows full pasture regeneration or crop stubble mulching. Woods slasher blades can be changed from above the machine, removing the OH & S risk of having to get under the slasher to change the blades. Additionally, thanks to Woods exclusive EZ™-Change Blade System, the Woods blade pin can be removed in a couple of minutes with light hand tools ensuring there is no need to oxy or grind the bolt to remove.

Some other key features of the Woods Batwing™ slasher:

  • The Woods Batwing™ is the heaviest built flex-wing slasher in the Australian market and will cut material up to 115mm in diameter.
  • Woods slashers are the only slasher that has a greaseable blade pin ensuring greater longevity from a set of blades.
  • The wings can operate at 90° up and 22° down and can be operated in a vertical position allowing for slashing over banks.
  • The extra heavy-duty output shaft allows the operator to cut heavier material and the PTO Assist Lift System takes the weight off the shaft for ease of hooking up to the tractor.
  • The independent suspension in the wheels allows floatation for a smoother ride, less vibration on slasher and a more precise cut.
  • The 25.5″ new foam filled 20ply tyres will prevent any tyre puncture.
  • The clean line top prevents the build-up of trash on the top of the slasher for easy cleaning.
  • Optional single or double side throw options available.

Would you like to know more about our Woods Batwing™ slasher range, or discuss your options with an expert, contact one of our dealers near you to have a chat.

At Woods, our mission is to supply and manufacture premium robust slashers of superior quality with exclusive features that are optimised to improve efficiencies in Australian agriculture whilst reducing operational costs. We are committed to supporting all land managers get the most out of their investment and back up our product with exceptional after sales service and support. We are here to support you in making the most informed decision when considering all slasher options in the Australian market.

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