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Industry Leading Woods Side Throw Slasher

Proven in Australian Conditions

Superior Standards, Superior Features, Superior Results

Tried and tested in orchards and vineyards across Australia, the Woods side throw slasher is designed to work. Its results make it the industry leader for side throw slashers in Australia.

“Even when slashing in heavy material nothing is left behind, giving my orchard a mower like finish and nicely discharging material under my trees”
Mark Taylor
Orchardist & Woods Owner

Unlock the potential of your cut grass

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The Woods Side Throw slasher is perfect for orchardists and vineyards looking to maximise their moisture retention in their crop by using cut grass to mulch on tree beds. Woods Equipment Australia has been manufacturing and refining our Side Throw Slasher series for the last 10 years and can add the side throw option to slashers from 5’ cut to 20’ cut.

  • Material won’t choke up under machine
  • Controlled discharge via adjustable chute
  • Throw adjustable to suit variety of row widths
  • Won’t gouge ground
  • Can be modified to protect low hanging fruit/produce for trees with low hanging fruit

A Slasher is not Just a slasher

Who Are Woods?

Historic Batwing - Woods Equipment Australia

A leader in the field since 1946


For over 75 years, Woods have been hard at work designing, building, testing and improving the most rugged, safest and reliable slashing, mowing, mulching and landscaping equipment on the Australian market.

Woods Equipment Australia are trusted to supply and manufacture premium robust slashers of superior quality with exclusive features that are optimised to improve efficiencies in Australian agriculture while reducing operational costs.

You can trust Woods attachments are premium quality and:

  • Rigorously tested
  • Engineered for performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Designed to last

Check out the range

Batwing™ Series

Woods Batwing™ Flex Wing Slashers are the only true Batwing™ in the Australian market.

Available in 12ft, 15ft or 20ft models in standard duty and heavy, extra heavy and extreme heavy-duty options.

The Woods Batwing™ is the heaviest built flex wing slasher in the Australian market and will cut material up to 115mm in diameter.

Brushbull Series

Woods Single Spindle Slashers range from 5ft to 7ft cut in various series ranging from standard duty with a cutting capacity of material with a 50mm diameter to extra heavy duty with a cutting capacity of material with a 100mm diameter.

Dual Spingle Series

The Dual-Spindle series of Woods slashers come in various options including normal or offset trailing capacities.

There are also drawbar or linkage options on all models.

RC Series

The RC series is the lightest duty slasher series produced by Woods.

This series is designed for compact and sub-compact tractors with a tractor horsepower ranging between 15hp and 60hp.

This series will cut up to 25mm thick material and has a 60hp gearbox.

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