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Woods S25CD Rotary Mulcher

S25CD Centre Drive Rotary Mulcher

The Woods Equipment S25CD Centre Drive Rotary Mulcher has a cutting width of 7.62m (25′) and can be used with a 150 – 300hp tractor.


  • High capacity gearbox with large oil volume reduces heat build-up, extending bearing and gear life
  • Specially designed oil seal protectors prevent vines from encasing and damaging the gearbox oil seals
  • 12.75″ diameter flail tubes with spiral mounted knives feature increased rigidity, resulting in smoother operation


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Additional information

Tractor PTO Horsepower (hp)


Tractor PTO


Cutting Height

5cm – 35cm (2" – 14")

Cutting Width

7.7m (303")

Overall Width

7.87m (310")


2.65 tonne

Number of L Knives


Lift Horsepower Required (hp)


Pull Horsepower Required (hp)


Gearbox Horsepower Rating (hp)


Gearbox Warranty

5 year

Driveline 2 & 3 Point

Cat 6


Cat 6 CV

Hood Type

Smooth, trilateral shape

Hood Thickness

4.5mm (optional wearliner available)

End Plate Thickness


Flail Tube Diameter

32cm (12.75")

Flail Tube End Bearing

5.5cm (2.18")


Rubber belting or steel flaps

Wheel Size (inches)

9.5L" x 15"

Knife Retention

Bolt-on (no D-rings)

Knife Pattern


Knife Type

Double-edged L (6mm), double-edged HD-cotton Duraface® (8mm) L; cup or contour

Wheel Arm Types

Rigid strut or caster

Optional Friction Clutch

24,000 Ibs inch rating

Automatic Clutch

30,000 Ibs inch rating (1.75" 20 PTO only)

Optional Knives

2-point, 3-point (quick-hitch compatible) pull


Woods S25CD Centre Drive Rotary Mulcher

40 years of innovation ensures top performance in mulching cotton and other broad acre crops. Woods Centre Drive Rotary Mulchers are designed to mulch cotton, corn and other broad acre crops. There are six models in six different widths to suit tractor ranges from 90hp to 300hp.


Mulcher Body Super Structure

The body is supported by three massive, tubular beams that increase strength and reduce vibration, extending the life of the machine.


Drive Line Protection

The shredder drive is protected with either a 24,000 lbs inch overrunning disc clutch (not available on S30CD) or a 30,000 lbs inch overrunning automatic clutch, which is made completely of metal and disengages when torque limit is reached. To re-engage, tractor PTO speed is reduced to match that of the gearbox input shaft.


Spiral Mounted Knives

The 324mm diameter flail tubes with spiral mounted knives feature increased rigidity resulting in smoother operation.


Tri-lateral Hood Allows Quadruple Mulching Action

The first cut occurs at the cutting level, the second at the front panel, the third at the top of the shredder, and the fourth cut occurs at the back of the mulcher.


End-Tow Transport Hitch

The end-tow hitch makes transporting your Woods Rotary Mulcher quick and easy. In just minutes, the mulcher converts from a centre drive connection to your tractor into an end-tow hitch that can be easily moved to the next job. The end-tow transport hitch is standard on the S30CD, optional on S15CD through S27CD.


Optional Knives

Standard L Knife: Heat treated, 6mm reversible for long life. (photo per brochure)

HD-Cotton L Knife: Heat treated, Duraface 8mm reversible for longer life and durability in severe conditions.

Cupped Knife: Create vacuum action to lift foliage off the ground and up into shredder; can be used in combination with L knives.

Contour Cupped Knives: Three differed length cup knives; great for defoliating root crops grown on ridges.


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S25CD Centre Drive Rotary Mulcher

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