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Black Truck and Ag Moree

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Black Truck and Ag – Moree

I want a machine that will last

Black Truck and Ag in Moree are the local dealer for WOODS equipment. Black Truck and Ag pride themselves in stocking the highest quality slashers that offer the best value for money for anyone in the Moree region. Black Truck and Ag can also order any of our slashers or other equipment to suit the needs of their customers. Black Truck and Ag stock the genuine quality built spare parts for our slashers.


WOODS equipment is manufactured to the highest quality in the United States of America and has been imported into Australia for the last ten years by TISCA, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. All WOODS products are designed and built for strength and durability, and have unique features that makes them the best value for money agricultural products in the Australian market.


Whilst WOODS products are imported by and distributed across Australia by TISCA, we have dealers for the WOODS slashes in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and have sold them into all states of Australia.


One of the unique selling features of WOODS slashers include the exclusive “Quick-Change” blade pin system. This feature, unique to WOODS equipment, allows the operator to change the slasher blades with only light hand spanners. The blades can be changed from the top of the slasher without the need to get underneath the machine due to the large access window on the top of the slashing deck. This allows the slashers to have a very high Work Health and Safety (OH&S) aspect of their unique design. The blade pins are 38 millimeter (1.5 inch) on WOODS slashers compared to the standard 19 millimeter bolt (3/4 inch) on most other slashers.


TISCA was awarded the Tractor and Machine Association of Australia (TMA) Best Agricultural Machine of the Year at the recent Elmore Field Days for the WOODS Batwing Slasher. At the Australian National Field Days in Orange, TISCA was awarded a NAB Agribusiness Award for the Woods Multi-Spindle Slasher. Both awards acknowledged the unique design features of the WOODS slashers including the safety feature of being able to change the blades from above the slasher and the larger pin system.


The assessors credited these unique features as the main reason why the titles were awarded to TISCA for the WOODS slashers. Another exclusive feature of the these slashers is that it does not leave a windrow due to the unique designed rounded back. All slashers are designed with a profile cut out rounded back which means the grass and timber is spread evenly across the width of the rear of the slasher. WOODS slashers are the only slasher on the market that have this ability.


WOODS slashers are built with a contour frame to allow the water and debris to flow off the deck, helping protect the deck from rust. All WOODS slashers are built on a complete subframe, which is designed to increase the strength and durability of the slasher. If an operator hits an object the complete subframe is designed to protect the deck from cracking. WOODS slashers have a stump jumper disc that protects the carrier and spins up over an object without impact. Each blade can then spin 360 degrees and not get caught as it would if there was a beam.


All slashers come with a tail wheel. The tail wheel frames are four point mounted. Most slashers come with a wider tail wheel than other brands, such as 5.25 inch. The wider tail wheel supports the weight of the machine better and allows increased flotation for smoother and more consistent slashing.

WOODS slashers range from single spindle slashers of 4 foot to 7 foot (1.2 meters to 2.1 meters) in diameter as well as multi spindle slashers from 8 foot to 14 foot (2.4 meter to 4.3 meter) width.


All slasher models come in a light duty, standard duty, medium duty or extra heavy duty option. The cutting capacity of our slashers range from a diameter of 25 millimeter in light duty, 50 millimeter in the standard duty, 75 millimeter cutting capacity for the medium duty and the extra heavy duty WOODS slasher has a 100 millimeter diameter cutting capacity.


The largest of our slashers is the Batwing series. The Batwing series come in a range of cutting widths from 10.5 inch to 20 inch. There are four series of Batwing slashers ranging from a Low Horsepower Batwing Slasher which can be used on tractors with 35 to 70 horse power, up to an Extreme Heavy Duty Batwing which can be used on tractors with up to 300 horse power. The Extreme Heavy Duty Batwing cuts material up to 100 millimeter in diameter thick. All Batwings can operate with the wings 90 degrees up or 22 degrees down.


The Batwing series are the only true batwing models in the Australian market. WOODS equipment also manufacture finishing mowers, grader blades, post hole diggers, disc harrows, rotary mulchers and plot planters. The genuine WOODS gearbox comes with a five-year warranty and there is a three-year rust through warranty on the deck. TISCA supplies quality built WOODS slashers in the Moree region of Queensland.


If you are in the Moree region and looking for a quality and affordable slasher which out performs all other slashers in the Australian market, don’t look past the WOODS slashers at Black Truck and Ag. Get in touch with their amazing team today!


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Ben Faivre
Farmer and Batwing® Designer