BW15.70W Batwing Slasher

The Woods Equipment BW15.70W Batwing Slasher is a heavy-duty batwing slasher. It has a 4.57m (15’) cut and has a cutting capacity of 115mm diameter material. The splitter gearbox is 275hp and the spindle gearboxes are 225hp. The BW15.70W has a 75mm output shaft. Wings can operate at 90 degrees up and 22 degrees down. Wings can be operated in a vertical position allowing for slashing over banks.


  • Extra heavy output shaft allows the operator to cut heavier material
  • PTO Assist Lift System takes the weight off the shaft for the ease of hooking up the PTO shaft by the operator.
  • Independent suspension in the wheels allows floatation for a smoother ride, less vibration on slasher and a more precise cut.
  • The 25.5 inch new foam filled 20ply tyres will prevent any tyre punctures
  • Clean line top prevents the build up of trash on the top of the slasher for easy cleaning
  • Quality inputs, Quality product: made in the USA with American steel
  • Highest OH&S rated slashers: change blades from above the machine
  • Reduce downtime: Quick Change Blade System – change blades within minutes
  • Increased durability: 38mm (1.5”) blade pin is 4x stronger than the standard 19mm (3/4”) bolt on other slashers
  • Protect gearbox: stump jumping disc standard so blades can do a 360 degree rotation to minimise impact
  • Superior pasture management: does not leave a windrow, efficient distribution of material
  • Unrivalled 6 year gearbox warranty


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Additional information

Tractor Horsepower (hp)

80 – 300hp

Gearbox Horsepower (hp)

275hp Splitter, 225hp Spindle


Extra Heavy Duty

Cutting Width

4.57m (15ft)

Cutting Capacity


Cutting Height Range

50mm – 380mm

Transport Width


'Quick Change' Blade Pins


Deck Design

Industry leading smooth, sloped deck, 6mm deck

PTO Drive

Cat 6 CV input PTO drive

Wing Drives

Cat 4 wing drives with slip clutches. Driveline lift assistance

Wing Operating Range

90° up / 22° down, Rounded wings with curved leading edge


Heavy duty replaceable “bolt-on” formed side skids on wings

Chain Shielding

Integrated chain shielding to prevent damage

Wing Hinge Pin

25mm full length

Stump Jumper


Access Window

Access window on top of deck for easy blade change – exclusive feature

Blade Size

12.7mm x 101.6mm


Swivel Clevis Hitch

Output Shaft

75mm output shaft

Centre Spring


Axle Arms

Walking tandem spring loaded axle arms

Tip Speed

15,700/16,000fpm blade tip speed for 540/1000rpm PTO


25.5 x 8-14 foam filled severe duty ag 20ply tyres


6 year limited gearbox warranty and 1 year deck rust through warranty


Deck Ring (Standard), Dual Wheels, LED Lights, Shredding kit, Side Throw


Woods BW15.70W Batwing Flex Wing Slasher

The Woods BW15.70W 15ft Batwing Flex Wing Slasher Series range have a standard duty, heavy duty and extreme heavy duty series for tractors with a maximum PTO horsepower of 275hp. The cutting capacity ranges from 65mm diameter material to 115mm diameter material. The flex wing operating range is 90 degrees up and 22 degrees down. The flex wings can be operated in the vertical position allowing for slashing over banks. The extra heavy output shaft allows the operator to cut heavier material.

The PTO Assist Lift System takes the weight off the shaft for the ease of hooking up the PTO shaft by the operator. The independent suspension in the wheels allows floatation for a smoother ride, less vibration on slasher and a more precise cut. The 25.5 inch new foam filled 20ply tyres will prevent any tyre punctures. The clean line top prevents the build up of trash in the top of the slasher for easy cleaning.



The new BW15.50W Batwing has a variety of features that make our new flex wing the most durable slasher in the field. With a Woods exclusive design, steel tubes surround the perimeter to absorb shock and chain shielding integrated with the frame prevents damage. The machine’s beefy, heavy duty skid shoes prevent gouging and protect the deck from damage which increases it’s durability. For added toughness, the BW15.60 and BW15.70 models feature a 3-inch gearbox output shaft. The BW15.70 comes standard with a deck ring.

These flex wing slashers are built with a contour frame to allow the water and debris from slashing to flow off the deck. This helps protect the top of the slasher from rust. Underneath the slasher the blades are attached to a stump jumping disk. This protects the carrier, unlike other slashers which are designed with cutting beams.


  • Steel Tube Absorbs Shock
  • Integrated Chain Shielding Prevents Damage
  • Heavy-Duty Skid Shoes



When it comes to ease of use, you want an easy, quick and smooth tractor hook up. Woods have responded by designing a new patent-pending driveline lift assistance system, which comes standard on all models. With a locking feature and rolling mechanism, connecting the Batwing to your tractor’s PTO is quick, easy and painless.

Another exclusive feature is the blade pins and the exclusive “Quick Change” blade pin system. The blade pins are 38mm (1.5”) instead of the standard 19mm bolt on most other slashers. The “Quick Change” bolt system allows the blades to be changed with light hand spanners in a very short period of time. The exclusive design of the blade pin means they do not need to be removed with an oxy, grinder or rattle gun.



The Woods Batwing have always been rugged and reliable, however the new Woods Batwing flex wing model has increased its reliability by offering new gearbox seal technology. The new gearbox seal technology features advanced engineering and material specifically developed for heavy duty jobs in harsh environments, resulting in less leaks and downtime. More uptime means more productivity for you.

The industry leading six-year warranty covers not just the gearbox but also the seals, alleviating any concerns about leakage and giving you the confidence that the Batwing will be extremely dependable.


  • Advanced seal technology
  • 6-year gear box warranty includes seals



The new Batwing easily manoeuvres around obstacles and slices through tall brush. You want a cutter that can handle almost anything in its path. The new Batwing offers the best performance in its class. Only on the new Woods Batwing will you find rounded wings that slice through brush, and a curved leading edge that easily manoeuvres close to trees and poles. Clear stalks with an optional shredding kit to increase your flexibility and performance. The calculated positioning of welded baffles optimise airflow for even cutting and direct the cut material for superior distribution. Baffles are standard on the new Batwing, so you’re assured of a great cut every time.

Woods slashers are the safest slasher on the market, as the operator does not need to get under the unit to change the blades. All slashers are designed with a large access window on the top of the slasher deck which allows for easy access to the blades and stump jump disc. This exclusive feature exceeds all safety standards in Australia and is an asset to any owner.


  • Rounded wings
  • Curved leading edge
  • Optional shredding kit adds two blades per disc
  • Calculated positioning of welded baffles



Woods equipment is built in the United States of America with American steel. All parts are available in Australia. Woods slashers come with the longest warranty in the industry, including a six-year warranty on the gear box and a three-year rust through warranty on the deck. The gear boxes are genuine Woods built gearboxes.


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BW15.70W Batwing Slasher

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