DS8.30W Multi Spindle Slasher | Woods Equipment Australia
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DS8.30W Multi Spindle Slasher

The Woods Equipment DS8.30W Multi Spindle slasher is a standard duty dual spindle slasher. It has a 2.4m (8’) cut and has a 38mm diameter cutting capacity. The gearbox is 100hp (splitter) 75hp (spindles). This model is a drawbar attachment.

  • Does not leave a windrow
  • Change blades from above the slasher
  • Quick Change blade pins
  • Built on a complete subframe
  • Stump Jumping disc standard
  • 5 x 8 – 14 foam filled 20 ply ag tyres
  • Adjustable wheel width
  • Built in USA with American steel
  • Six year gear box warranty, three year rust through warranty on deck
  • Optional side throw ability


Tractor Horsepower (hp)35 - 100hp
Gearbox Horsepower (hp)100hp Splitter
Blade Spindle (hp)75hp
CategoryStandard Duty - 30 Series
Cutting Width2.4m (8ft)
Cutting CapacityUp to 38mm
Cutting Height Range50mm - 300mm
'Quick Change' Blade Pins
3 Point Linkage / DrawbarDrawbar
Contour Frame Design
Drive Line with Slip Clutch ProtectionCat 4 input driveline with slip clutch protection
Deck Depth250mm
Stump Jumper
Tip Speed15,200fpm
Blade Size12.7mm x 101.6mm
Tail Wheel25.5 x 8-14 foam filled sever duty ag 20 ply tyres
Front & Read Chain Shielding

Woods DS8.30W Multi Spindle Slasher – Safest Slashers on the market

The multi spindle series of Woods slashers come in various options including normal or offset trailing capacities. There are also drawbar or linkage options on all models. All sizes of multi spindle slashers come in a standard duty option (30 series and 40 series), a heavy-duty option (50 series and offset series) and a triple spindle option (60 series). The cutting capacity of the multi spindle series ranges from 38mm in diameter to 75mm diameter. The cutting width ranges from 8’ to 14’ and suits tractors with a hp range between 35hp and 260hp. The offset model has a hydraulic variable offset to the right and left.

Woods equipment is built in the United States of America with American steel. All parts are available in Australia. Woods slashers come with the longest warranty in the industry, including a five-year warranty on the gear box and a three-year rust through warranty on the deck.

All slashers are built on a complete subframe using two 75mm x 100mm full length structural tubes. This feature allows the integrity of the slasher deck to be maintained throughout use. The slashers are built with a contour frame to allow the water and debris from slashing to flow off the deck. This helps protect the top of the slasher from rust. Underneath the slasher the blades are attached to a stump jumping disk. This protects the carrier, unlike other slashers which are designed with beams.

Woods slashers are the safest slasher on the market, as the operator does not need to get under the unit to change the blades. All slashers are designed with a large access window on the top of the slasher deck which allows for easy access to the blades and stump disc. This exclusive feature exceeds all safety standards in Australia and is an asset to any owner.

Another exclusive feature is the blade pins and the exclusive “Quick-Change” blade pin system. The blade pins are 38mm (1.5”) instead of the standard 19mm bolt on most other slashers. The Quick-Change pin system allows the blades to be changed with light hand spanners in a very short period of time. The exclusive design of the blade pin means they do not need to be removed with an oxy, grinder or rattle gun.

Woods Slashers are the only slasher on the market that do not leave a windrow during the operation. The exclusive rounded back design spreads the cut material evenly across the cutting surface.

Woods slashers come with a heavy-duty clevis hitch. The gear boxes are genuine Woods built gearboxes. Woods slashers are renowned for fast cutting speeds, up to 16,700fpm on some models. When you purchase a Woods slasher, the specified size is the full cutting width. For example, a 5’ slasher is 5’ cut, not a 4’10” like other brands.

All models come with tail wheels. The 30 and 40 series of Woods Multi Spindle Slashers use a 100m x 400mm (laminated) tail wheels. These are a bushed axle and can be height adjusted. The 50 and 60 series use 125mm x 400mm (laminated) tail wheels. All drawbar slashers have 25.5 x 8-14 Foam filled 20ply Ag tyres which are hydraulically height adjustable. The width of the wheels is also adjustable. The wheel height is hydraulically adjusted. These series also feature a spring to absorb any load shock from the tail wheels.

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